Monday, January 22, 2007

This Really Happens

A story from work the other night:

Sometimes I work nights as a poker dealer. My boss’s name is Mike.

Me: Hey, Mike! C’mere for a second.

Boss: Yeah?

Me: Who’s the new girl?

Boss: Which one?

Me: The hot one setting up that blackjack table.

Boss: Which one?

Me: The one in the corner.

Boss: That’s my daughter…

Me: (silent)

Boss: …and she’s sixteen.

Me: (gulp)


Anonymous said...

hehehe...nice one!

Did your throat make an over exaggerated gulping noise?


CrimeNotes said...

And then the dad said, "My daughter is worth as many bullets as I can put in the air."

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Jolly entertaining blog old bean! Will read one again.

FitFiend said...

haha, one of those priceless moments.