Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Ice-T" & Me? We have an understanding.

Several years ago I was sharing a shoebox two-bedroom apartment with three friends on the upper-west-side of Manhattan. Two roommates had to sleep on an air mattress in the living room. They were allowed cheaper rent as they were responsible for moving furniture and inflating and deflating their mattress every night and morning. The apartment was right behind Lincoln Center at 63rd & West End Ave., NYC.

There is an ultra-luxury building right across the street from the far-less-than-luxury building I was living in at the time. The property across the street had huge windows that were always freshly Windex’ed. The people that came in and out of the building were always dressed impeccably, like senior level HR women, or investment bankers, or high priced prostitutes. There were always taxi cabs waiting outside of the building. The drivers knew that these people were loaded.

I know all this because I love to skateboard. The luxury building across the street had these amazing curbs with angle iron attached to them. For those of you that don’t speak “skateboard”, just believe me when I say that it was awesome.

On the weekends during spring and summer, I loved nothing more than to skateboard on the curbs of the luxury building across the street. The best parts of the curbs were right by the exit of the building’s parking garage. As such, I would often have to stop, pick up my skateboard and step aside as the garage door would raise and a resident would pull their car out of the garage.

There was one Saturday when I was skateboarding early in the afternoon and I heard the ‘click’ that I had come to know as the sound of the garage door beginning to open. I picked up my skateboard and stepped aside.

The garage door slowly rose to reveal a cherry red Ferrari, its engine purring in idle. I dreweled for a hot minute and then wanted the car to move so I could Skate-or-Die.

The car just sat there so I looked through the windshield to the driver’s side.

It was Ice-T.


Cop Killa.

He had his left hand on the wheel, and his right hand between the legs of a ho (literally a ho in every sense of the word, you’ll just have to trust me) that was sitting in the passenger seat. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As he idled his Ferrari in the driveway of the garage, he seemed much more focused on his right hand than his left.

Ice looked up and seemed startled when he realized that the garage door was already open. His eyes immediately fixed on me standing there with my skateboard. I did the stoic-chin-raising-head-tilting-back gesture while I looked at him with my eyeballs as if to say, “I didn’t see nothin’ man. I can keep shit on the DL, for realz.” Ice nodded at me with stern eyes and he drove away with his ho.

I took a deep breath.

I spent the next hour nervously shifting my eyes in preparation for men in black ski masks carrying silenced oozies to come and silence me. They never came. I continued to skateboard.

Over the next year this became a regular occurrence. The only difference was that Ice had a new ho and a new car every week.

I think this is what they call “The American Dream.” A new ho and a new car every week.

So basically, here’s how I figure:

Ice-T is cool with me skateboarding on his curb as long as I’m willing to keep my mouth shut about his hoes and his cars.

Well, Mr. Ice:

I don’t live across the street from you anymore and I’m busting the lid off of this story. I’m not scared of your silenced-oozie-toting ski-mask-wearing goons anymore because I live in Washington Heights now and I just downloaded a freeware security suite for my computer so there’s no way you can find me. Not even on my myspace account.

Take that, Cop Killa!


Sister Mary Lisa said...

You crack me up. I'd have laughed hard if I saw you giving Ice-T that cool look. And now, the paparazzi will read this and score some big bucks, and you will have nothing but an awesome post on your blog for it.


Big Daddy said...

All I have is telling Andy Garcia to get his own bread, and my boss telling Cyndi Lauper I was the male version of her [WTF?].

I can totally picture your story.

"said" Woman said...

Are you sure it wasn't Coco in the car? Is she the upgrade? I have seen her in person and her behind is ass-tastic...I'm enough woman to admit that.

mickeyitaliano said...

I was thinking it was CoCo as well, until it was stated that it was a different ho all the time.

I hope CoCo gets tested every 6 months.

shutupihateyoumore said...


Besides this post being really stupid, and really all you must do is skate and play on a computer...that is what 12 year old do, but if you hate our blog so much why do you take the time to comment? We linked to you and got you a better rating, so why the hate man?

The reason we don't post is that we do other things to do...most people don't live on line.

one love.

donnie and sally

Ryan said...


Wow, you exceeded my every expectation with this comment.

I can picture the gay little "donnie-head" and the overachieving-virgin little "sally-head" putting their undercooked noodles togther to come up with these "zingers".

God, you guys really are dull.

I encourage any of my readers to stop by and read a few posts on Donnie & Sally's blog:

Let them know what you think!

God knows they could use the traffic.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I checked it out yesterday (the shutupihateyoumore) and it was pretty lame. It's hard to read past a couple lines. I even tried to read about 4 entries, but nope. Couldn't do it due to boredom.

Ryan said...

Thank you, Sister Mary Lisa.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

The new look to your blog is great so far...

J.Bro said...

Weird - I was riding my BMX bike outside a luxury building in LA when Ice Cube rolled out of the garage in a Lexus. I icepicked his front bumper, nose-manualed up to the windshield, and mooned him.

But, then again, it was only Ice Cube.

Anne said...

That was hilarious..I can totally see the look you gave him...