Sunday, July 23, 2006

Boyfriend & Girlfriend: A Knowing Conversation

(This post is a serendipitous third installment of the "The Mace, The Axe and The Crowbar: A Love Story" series. If you are not familiar with the story, read it jerk. Everyone in the world thinks it is a great read.)

In hopes of making a long story short:

The former love of my life --the girl who the Mace/Axe/Crowbar story is about-- has contacted me after finding the aformentioned story on this blog.


A few days ago, I was hanging out with my fabulous girlfriend in my bedroom as usual. She was watching America's Next Runway Nanny Factor, or some stupid shit. I was buried in my laptop sending long overdue replies to millions of e-mails.

Then I saw an e-mail from --the girl from the story--. I hadn't spoken to her in more than seven years.

My heart started beating ninety miles an hour and I started sweating.

I must have looked wicked guilty.

From across the room, my girlfriend whipped her head around to look at me in the most accusatory and condescending manner I can possibly imagine. The following conversation commenced:

Girlfriend: What are you doing?

Boyfriend: Nothing really, same shit.

Girlfriend: Really? Do I need to come over there and look for myself?

Boyfriend: What? No. There's someone I used to know, and...[interrupted]

Girlfriend: She must have been really special!

[a pause you could drive a truck through]

Boyfriend: What? Well, yeah, but...

Girlfriend: How far away does she live?

Boyfriend: What?


Boyfriend: Very very far away.

Girlfriend: Okay, go ahead.


Anonymous said...

Well, what did she have to say? So uncool to leave us hanging. (The girl from the story, not your girlfriend)

PJ said...

Glad I'm not the only girlfriend to take the all-important distance factor into consideration.

Laurie said...

The mace, the axe, and the crowbar was a good read! It must have been devastationg when Sarah and her mother disappeared. Bricks, blood, and abandonment all in one afternoon. Talk about teenage angst!

So what DID she have to say?? I know anonymous already asked, but I'm pushy like that...

Ryan said...

Laurie and Anonymous,

Look at the comments section in Part II of the story. That is where she first contacted me.

Sorry, but you'll have to wait for anything further.

Laurie said...

Ahhh, gotcha! I should have caught that. Must have been the clouds in my eyes.

We will wait patiently to hear how this story developes.

Oh! and your girlfriend has a great eye for photography! I love the picture with the mirror reflection. I'm a bit of a camera nut myself. I took the picture at the top of my blog of my own flowers.