Friday, July 28, 2006

Irreconcilable Differences

Ever since my computer started hanging out with Limewire, I've noticed my computer has had a change in friends, is lazy and irrational, spends more time alone and has bloodshot eyes on a regular basis.

A few nights ago, my computer decided for the last time that it didn't want to do what I was asking of it, which is my computer's only job.

At that point, I may have accidentally (see: completely on purpose) beaten the ever loving shit out of my computer.

The 'Shift' key and the 'A' key popped off and I can't get them back on. There are no two worse keys to have missing. One key is a home row anchor and a very common letter. The other is a key you have to hit at the beginning of every sentence and proper nouns and crap. The keys still work, but the buttons are so small that I may as well be trying to touch the tip of my nose with my head tilted back and eyes closed.

If my computer hadn't decided to be more loyal to Limewire than it was to my commands, this whole situation could have been avoided.

It's as if someone called Child Protective Services on me for beating a child who totally deserved it.

Is anyone giving away a new laptop or a child?


CarmenSinCity said...

I use limewire quite often too. The jury's still out on how I feel it's affecting my computer.

Inti Tayta said...

You did the right thing, Ryan. You have to assert your position of authority or the whole relationship will fall out of balance...

Inti Tayta said...

Oh yeah and great reference on the "home row anchor". Mavis Bacon would be laughing in his/her grave. I just had this revelation about your blog post while typesetting some mathematical results, I cannont explain why.