Friday, September 22, 2006

Smoking Bloomberg

A mammoth-ass thanks goes out to Warren for writing the first ever guest post on Pissed & Petty yesterday.

There was a huge response and the story is going viral.

A note about Warren, if you will: and you will.

Warren, in conjunction with a few other writers, has written a stage show that is currently running in NYC in a theatre on W. 46th St. between 9th/10th. There are only two performances left, one tomorrow and one Sunday.

The show is called "Smoking Bloomberg."

The entire run of the show sold out in 48 hours due to the pre-production buzz... and with good reason. Lucky for you, there may be a few no-show-reserved tickets available a few minutes before showtime. No guarantees, though.

-(from the official website)
"Smoking Bloomberg is a musical satire about a Korean dry cleaner's quest for revenge against Mayor Bloomberg and the smoking ban that has ruined her business. However the show runs much deeper than local politics and the current mayoral administration. It is a biting, irreverent lampoon of American democracy and the individual's place within it. This ain't your mom's musical theatre--unless you had one of those cool moms who burned her bra and let the kids come over to get drunk."


-(from the writers' blog)
"During a break in rehearsal today the cast [...] got into a discussion of who this show could potentially offend. As we were listing the potential offenders – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Left-Wingers, Right-Wingers – we came to the conclusion that it would be easier to name the demographic groups that would not be offended by the show. The list we came up with is as follows: Hispanics and retarded people. And frankly, we're not all that sure about the Hispanics."

I saw the show on opening night and I can assure you it is fucking brilliant. There are several huge jokes that require massive cojones to even write down on a piece of paper bearing one's own fingerprints. Leave it to say that none of these writers will be running for office anytime in the near future... and I mean that in the best way possible. Believe me, I know the feeling.

Oh, I almost forgot. Nick Nolte AND Gary Busey are in the show. No shit.

Read the glowing review from Backstage.

Have a great weekend everyone!

"Smoking Bloomberg" graphic by emblem creative.


Inti Tayta said...

thanks for the link, i listened to the tracks online. funny, funny stuff. culture can be rather retarded.

Ryan said...

Yeah, the song "Culture Is Just a Bunch of Retarded Shit" is fucking hilarious.

Speaking of songs, a random aside:

I just downloaded "Ditty" by Paperboy from limewire.

It so reminds me of our early pimping days at Whitewater Bay Club in the OK-to-the-C.

(laughing my proverbial ass off)

Inti Tayta said...

yeah I actually heard that on the *radio* recently, it made me laugh. At how much of a loser I was. But it was good laughter, nevertheless.